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Adopt an Angel
I hope that you will adopt one of these sweeties and give her a good Christian home! Right click on them, and save them to your own hard drive. Please do not draw off of our webpage.
We ask only three things:
1) Please use one of these buttons to link back to our page. Please display above or below the button "We adopted "Angel's name" from All American Family National Pageant!
2) Then send us
to let us know at what URL our beautiful babies will be residing on! We will then post the page here for others to see their homes. We will then list those pages here for others to visit.
3) Each time you look at these angels, remember there is a child somewhere abused, neglected, hungry, alone. Do something today to make their lives better. Stand up and make a difference.
please use the URL


Beautiful Sites where our angels are living:
Kristen's Kloset Adopted "Angel"   July 2000
Natural Beauties Adopted "Charity" August 2000
Miss & Misters Adopted "Charity" August 2000

The Nelson's Adopted " Harmony"    August 2000
Brandie Adopted   "Purity"  August 2000
Princess Lindsey's Free Photo Contest Adopted   "Charity"  November 2000

Madison's Magnificent Faces Adopted "Harmony"   December 2000

Visit our friend Jan's site. She has been a blessing of generosity.

shernina0307 got their NeoPet at
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