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What to do if there is ever a problem
If there is table chat, please copy it. If there are zms, please screen print and/or save them. If you don't know how to do these things, please zm __Beauty_ and I will show/tell you how. Remember, if you do not have any proof, it is considered a false accusation.
Then ZM people in the following orderL (if they are not available, move on to the next person)
   __Beauty_ (Team Captain)
   Esmeralda_isme (Co-captain)
   Wizard_of_Oz (former Team Captain)
   Any ladder administrator
+BlueSteel_1, OnlyAThang, Swtypi, +SweetThangFl, UFO_Ro
   BH_Tombstone or WRT_Woody
*a note to consider about tomb and woody
Team Rules are strictly adhered to. If you have any questions about their interpretation, please speak with __Beauty_ or Lady_Kel. Team Consequences are as follows:
1st offense: verbal and/or written warning
2nd offense: removal from the team
Our team has no suspension (boxing) consequence. So if you've been warned of something, don't do it a second time