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Campfire and Team Rules
Ever caught in a situation where
you didn't know the rules?
Don't be left dazed and confused any longer!
Campfire Rules are in Black
Team Rules are in Pink.

  Be Right Backs
In order to avoid accusations, try to time
your BRB before the end of a hand and request
the last card be held (hlc), then you can go
change a diaper, go to the bathroom,
get a sandwich, or get a drink.
Understandably, that is NOT always
possible, but if it is, please be
considerate of others.
If you must be away from your computer
between games and go on Do Not
Disturb or Away, You MUST exit the
room. Teamies come in the room
and look for people to join them for
games. If you are on away, they
may send you a zm without looking
at their friends lists prior to doing
so. It then appears as if you are not
responding to their request. Avoiding
your team mates is treated the same
as avoiding another team. It will not
be tolerated.
When a player is booted from the table,
those left, must wait a minimum of
5 minutes. If the booted player has
NOT returned, the partner
(of the booted player) may choose a
sub or continue with a bot. If a sub from
their team is not available, anyone
registered with CampFire Spaders
may be called upon.
The MSN Gaming Zone sometimes
works in mysterious ways. If your partner
or opponent is lagging, we ask that you type
the word "test" to determine if you
are the one causing the lag.
No game may be started with a substitute.
When substitutes are used, the original 4
players are always credited with the win or loss.
The game has NOT started until the
first card has been played. Anytime a player is
booted before the first card of
the hand has been played, it is mandatory
to offer a reseat. Common courtesy
would be to also offer to reseat if a boot
occurs early during play of the first hand.

If you are publicly fighting in this
ladder, you may be permanently banned.
Remember, it takes two (or more) to
fight. A fight is considered public if it is
held in the Lobby or the Message
Forum. Unacceptable Lobby and
Forum conduct includes no
cussing and no sexual innuendoes.
Simply put.... Just Keep it Clean.
If you are having a problem with a
teamie or an opponent, NEVER speak about
the problem to them on the table or
in a zm. (See sportsmanship)
If you are having a problem, follow
the instructions in the left column, but NEVER
attempt to solve the problem by yourself!
Fighting with team members at the table
or in zms is also considered misconduct.
  Game Minimum
10-game minimum game requirement per week..
MORE is fantastic :} of course.
  Getting a Game
Join a table that is already advertising or
sit at a table and ask politely for a
team to join you. When asking for a
game, please specify it is
a CF or a CampFire game.
"Need a CF team on table 3 please",
or "CF with Team Disney's @ 3",
DO NOT open a table if another team has
advertised for a game. Either sit with them, or
wait until they get their game
before you open a table.
If you sit and a table, it means you are ready to play.
Anyone can sit with you. If you get up and
leave because you don't want to "play"
that team, it is avoidance and gets
OUR team in trouble. Consequently, we
don't do it. If you sit, you play with
ANYONE that sits down to play.

Challenges and Bidding are NOT part of this ladder.
ZM's are ONLY allowed to acquire DOWN games.
Games played back-to-back are allowed.
There is no limit on how many times daily you
can play the same team. However,
2nd games are optional.
Kibitzing is permitted but not to ask for
a game. Kibitzers, please remember that you
are the guest at the table. Please keep the
chatter to a minimum so as to not
aggravate the two teams playing. If
all of the team members are chatting
and do not mind, then join in.
But please remember, the game
belongs to the four sitting and playing.
If requested, please refrain from chatting.
Kibitzing is permitted unless all the
players agree to close the table.
Kibitzers are allowed to talk unless
all the players agree to silence them.
are always allowed to kibitz a game in progress.
If a game is a closed game, the table MUST
be opened when requested by an Administrator,
a Team Captain or a Zone Sysop. None of these
may be booted from a table...doing so can
result in a loss of privileges and/or in
a penalty, to be determined by
the Ladder Administrators and/or Sysop (if needed).
Kibitzers must not ever make any reference
to the cards in the hand of the player they are kibitzing.
  Multiple Accounts
We only allow a set number of accounts
from one location. If this number is exceeded,
your accounts will be investigated
and possible removed. We have
an automated security system to keep
track of this information, and all new
account info is logged. It is illegal
for one person to have multiple
accounts or be on multiple teams
in the same ladder.
Only one account is allowed per person.
Members of the same household are not
allowed to play with OR against each other.
The program does not allow reports
to or from people in the same household.

The nicname you choose cannot be
objectionable to the Administration.
Names similar to those already
existing in CampFire Spaders,
are not allowed and you WILL
be asked to change it. Several teams
have identifiers that they require
within the nicname.
Please check with your captain.
  Rank Hounding
Players in the top ten are expected to be
as active after they reach the top ranks as they
were before they got there.
The #1 team MUST play
A #2 team at least once every
24 hours or be rung to the bottom of the ladder.
It is the job of the #1 team to seek
out and offer "a" #2 team every 24 hours.
this is the rule, as no one is allowed
to zm for up games.
Let's keep the top ranks active and fair.
If you are a top ranked team, give all
teams a shot, not only those ranked
immediately below or above you.

Definition of Sportsmanship:
Fair Play, Respect for Opponents and
Gracious Behavior in Winning and Losing.
Definition of Insinuation:
To introduce in a clever way. Too imply.
An insinuation " IS A CLEVER WAY "
to accuse someone of cheating
without actually saying the word "cheat".
Winning and losing GRACIOUSLY is
what this ladder is all about.
Bad Attitudes have no place
here. If you can't say something
nice - don't say anything.
IF UNsportsmanlike conduct
( the reverse of the above definition )
is displayed with proof at a table,
in game comments,
in the lobby, in the forum or via
any messaging system ( including zm's )
penalties may be imposed. This is
subject to and may include insinuations
of cheating and it's definition as set forth.
( See the Penalty Guidelines for how
these penalties will be imposed )

2) Never accuse other teams of cheating.
WE get in trouble for it - and
could be banned from the ladder. If you can't say
something nice, don't say anything.
Making subtle insinuations is also considered
1) Never question your partner's play at the table.
We all are fairly decent players.
It is not only rude, it is
embarrassing. If you have a question
of your partner, save it for after that game
and always do so in private
  Table Talk
Table talk about the cards in the current hand,
is not permitted. Discussing the cards,
after the last card of a hand, is
fine but NEVER during the
play of the current hand.
You cannot say:
"Bag them"
"Set them"
"Give them one more"
"Go double nil"
"Go nil"
"Cover me p"
"Duck P"
These are just a few, if you think
of any others, or encounter any, please
let __Beauty_ know so they
can be added for the whole team's benefit.

  A Note to Consider About BH_Tombstone
and WRT_Woody:
These fellas are captains of other teams.
They are very kind and knowledgeable.
They have a WEALTH of information
about this ladder, and also have a great
nack for helping newbie captains and
their teamies ;) With that being said, please
keep in mind that they have a lot of
things on their plate. Please *ONLY* zm
them if no one else is available and your
problem cannot wait until __Beauty_
or Esmeralda_isme come online.